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The Countryside grain stove has a hopper  in the back that holds approximately 80 lbs of grain.

A small auger delivers the grain a few kernels at a time to the firepot where it gets burnt. The flame is similar to a wood burning fireplace (it even crackles). It heats the heat exchanger pipes located at the upper side of the fire chamber. A fan blows air from the room through the heat exchanger to distribute comfortable heat through the house.

The bottom side of the fire chamber is equipped with an agitator that stirs the burning grain to ensure total combustion. Once the grain  turns to ashes it is pushed by the agitator through small holes into the ashtray located at the bottom of the stove. The ashtray is big enough to hold several days of operation.

A circuit board located on the left side of the unit regulates the different functions.

5 different heat settings are possible.

Some safety features are preset to ensure automatic shut down should the stove overheat or work improperly.

The fumes are exhaust by a blower as fresh air is aspirated from the outside of the home, virtually eliminating the risk of negative pressure inside the house. This ensure that no toxic gases could make their way in the house.

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