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We arrived on our farm on March 18, 2003 with the well appreciated help of Gene and Dee Vander Giesen. The snow was about melted then.

We soon got 3 more snow storms that melted quite fast leaving us with plenty of moisture.

As soon as the weather permitted we started gathering our equipment and getting it ready. This got us very busy getting parts from Regina and meeting chemical and fertilizer reps to organize the seeding. My brother John came to help for the spring work. We could not have done it with out him.

We then started to receive some fertilizer and seed.
We started seeding  peas on the 9th of May. The ground was still pretty wet and we had to leave some areas to be seeded later but the calendar was pushing and a lot of work was to be done. We managed to seed 330 acres of peas in 21 hours non stop John worked in the daylight and I took over by night.

After Peas, we started seeding Canola on May 13. It was still wet especially as we were working directly on Wheat stubble. The straw purposely retains a lot of snow to preserve the most possible moisture and it also slows down the drying period, but on a wet spring it can be a disadvantage. So we left a lot of wet areas to be filled later. Once we had everything filled we had 610 acre of Canola.
We have to spray for weeds 3 days before seeding Durum wheat. Since we were started late because of moisture, I decided to hire a local custom applicator to spray the 650 acres I planned on seeding to durum.
Warren Bostock from Balgonie, SK came quite promptly and did a very good job in only one afternoon.

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