Green Atlantic Farms Crops we grow

Durum Wheat:


Durum wheat is milled into semolina flour, most of which is used in pasta manufacturing.

It is grown extensively in Western Canada.

This picture represents a wheat head on the right, over some semolina flour, with some kind of macaroni in the left corner.




Canola is an oil seed descending from the rape seed. It is famous for the golden color of the fields during flowering.

 The seeds are found in pods and can compared to the size of beebees. These seeds are pressed to produce vegetal oil for cooking purposes.  The by-product is often used for animal feed.



Peas are legumes grown for livestock protein feed.














This is a blooming field of peas. The plant grows like a vine. At harvest time the crop is very low to the ground.

The seed looks like edible peas.